Self-taught hacker, Linux geek, lifetime learner. Loves technology in all forms, but especially the intangible stuff brought to life by computers.

  • Great at Python, Django, JavaScript, Clojure.
  • Solid knowledge of GNU/Linux, Docker, Web APIs (REST), HTML, CSS, Haxe.
  • Comfortable with C, Java, SQL, MongoDB, Git, PHP, Scheme.

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Open Source

Teleport JSON Type System (2013–present)

  • Homepage:
  • Teleport is a highly extendable JSON type and schema system
  • Useful for: serialization, data validation, auto-documenting API endpoints
  • Designed to be minimal and a natural extention of JSON
  • Has a strict specification to encourage porting

Cosmic (2012–present)

  • Homepage:
  • Started as a business venture with co-founder Kyu Lee.
  • Cosmic is a high-level web API framework. It is also a protocol standardizing best practices to enable auto-generated API clients that feel like native libraries.
  • Cosmic is used in the wild at Elevate Inc.
  • The libraries are well tested and well documented.

HSLuv: color space, alternative to HSL. (2013–present)

  • Homepage:
  • Created a color space combining the uniformity properties of CIELUV and ease of programmatic use of HSL.
  • HSLuv has been ported to 13 programming languages by contributors
  • Packaged for NPM, PyPI, RubyGems, Nuget, CPAN, CocoaPods, Luarocks, Maven
  • Used in Seaborn, a popular data visualization library.

Colorspaces.js: JavaScript library for converting between color spaces (2013)

Discipline: model versioning system for Django (2010)

  • Homepage:
  • Developed an open source application for the Django platform that keeps track of modifications performed on the database and provides low-level interface for checking the states of objects at different points in time.
  • The project displays good programming style, appropriate code commenting, thorough unit testing and good documentation. library of texts in the Esperanto language (2009–present)

  • Used Django to create a user-friendly website for online reading in Esperanto targeted at beginners; includes instant dictionary search.
  • Implemented an Esperanto dictionary back-end that knows how to split large words into smaller parts based on a list of Esperanto morphemes.

Past Employment

Software Developer at DIVE Networks Inc. (2015–2016)

  • Used Django and SQL to model hardcoded customer data and place it into the database.
  • Used Clojure to build a backend for ingesting content from various sources: RSS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others.
  • Developed a throttling system to maximize throughput while staying under third-party rate limits.
  • Developed a pipeline for transforming and feeding content to the company’s browser-based application.

Software Developer at Elevate Inc. (2012–2014)

  • Used Python and JavaScript to work on a Django-backend, Backbone-frontend web application.
  • Implemented internal REST APIs using a Django-based library as well a library of own making, Cosmic.
  • Developed a highly space-efficient module for tracking email links.
  • Organizational work: automated deployment, centralized configuration management, containerization with Docker.

Frontend developer at Thoora Inc. (Summer 2011)

  • Used JavaScript, jQuery and PHP to help build a highly dynamic news aggregation website.
  • Worked tightly in an “agile” team of several programmers and a graphic designer.
  • Received an “outstanding” work term evaluation.

Medical Terminology Research Lead at Agfa Healthcare (Fall 2010)

  • Used supervised machine learning to build a system for normalizing data from radiology results.
  • Researched and implemented solutions from academic papers.
  • Used Java, MongoDB NoSQL database and Neo4J graph database. Worked with medical ontologies.
  • Showed great initiative, received an “excellent” work term evaluation.